Colour me with your love!

I reserve my Sunday mornings for canvas painting. The one art I kept close to my Heart promising never to leave the brush till I die. I wake up to find you missing on the bed. I get up and do some neck exercise which is my morning ritual daily. Picking up my phone, I check for any messages finding nothing interesting, I leave it by the bed for charging. I come out on the living room, Alexa is playing our favourite morning songs by Ed sheeran.

I find you in the kitchen busy preparing scrambled eggs, coffee is whistling on the cooking range. I find you standing there half naked wearing just black boxers tossing eggs on the pan. I come close to you, hugging you tight kissing your lips (my favourite part of your body) and then your arms. I pick up a piece of sausage popping it into my mouth. We have our breakfast whilst chatting about all the nonsense things happened during the week. You have lot of business deliverables hence we cancel our plan to go out for lunch. You start working on your deliverables while I clean the breakfast mess. While taking shower, I find you trying to join me twice but due to continuous calls from your business partner you miss the chance.

I decide to paint today, hence I dress up in white cami top and denim shorts. Pulling out my color boxes from down below the bed, I set up in other bedroom which is basically empty with minimal furniture. I open the box of colours arranging it neatly, I place the canvas in front of me. I can see you from the door sitting on the dining table working in your laptop. You peep from there looking at me through your glasses. How your sexy eyes drive me crazy, the depth in those dark brown eyes expresses more than just feelings, it expresses your undying love for me… your concern and care for me. I start pressing out blue colour tube mixing it for smoothness, I start brushing on the canvas trying to create a scene. I want it to be night sky with lots of stars creating a peaceful image for night view.

I stroke on the canvas steadily creating night sky dark blue in colour texturing it with clouds, I raise my eyes to find you standing in front of me smiling. ‘Your dimples drive me crazy baby’, I tell you looking into your eyes. You just smile enhancing those dimples more. You dip your index finger in white color brushing it across my cheeks. I look at you amazed, i think, so you are in for some fun baby.. I pick up the brush throwing some drops of color on your white T-shirt. You look at me now raising one eyebrow as I laugh out loud. You hold my wrist and pull me towards your body spreading the color on my white cami top. I try pushing you away but your strong grip control me. You hug me tight this time feeling my breast on your chest. I push you with both my hands trying to run away from your grip but you catch hold of me and pin me towards the wall. As you pin me, I feel your manhood aroused for some action. You start kissing my neck licking it from my chin down. I keep rubbing my breast on your chest creating a friction.

My hands are all dirty with colours …I hold your cheeks to kiss you on your lips biting your lower lip. While I do that all the colours in my hand gets rubbed on your cheeks, you know I have done that on purpose.. you pull the canvas down on the floor, putting me on that huge canvas board. I am not able to understand what you plan on doing till I find you taking one of the oil paint tube and start spreading it on the board… I just look at you as I am lying on the board. You join me there taking the color in your hand and spreading it on my body.. I give out a shriek saying ‘what the hell baby, you are spoiling my colours’ you just laugh and catch hold of me spreading it more.. I take the tube of red color splashing it on my hand, I start colouring you red… after all the mess that we have created you pin me on the canvas board kissing me on the lips. You drag your tongue down my neck sucking the skin creating deep red mark. I am all hot down there as I start moving in pleasure.. you try opening the button of my shorts whispering in my ears ‘paint me with your love baby’ I just smile as I take the lead, I remove my shorts throwing it aside.. as I see you watching me eyes half closed in pleasure waiting for my next move.

I take the tube of blue adding water to it and splashing it on your body. I watch you as the blue colour drip slowly from your firm chocolate body creating a design of its own. I am wearing white cami top with white thong, I crawl like a cat coming towards you, I come on top of you and start massaging the colour on your body again. You hold my neck pulling me towards your mouth smooching me piercing your tongue inside… I sway my hips on your manhood as your moan inside my mouth. I suck your tongue taking you inside my mouth sucking you as I have been thirsty for long and you are the last drop of water. You remove my cami top revealing my breast as you take one in your hand pressing it. You move your fingers on my nipples as it turns hard n sturdy for you to be sucked. You raise yourself from your sleeping position with the help of your elbow taking my nipples in your mouth, you suck the right one first and then move on to the left one. You hold the sides of my lower hip holding its movements as it is driving you crazy. I sway on top of your body as you look at me with sensuality. I slowly push myself down towards your torso.. opening the button of your jeans. You remove it in swift motion as I find your manhood hard glistening as I take it in my mouth. Thick and juicy, I start licking it slowly rolling it and sucking it making you moan louder. You get up holding my hair helping me to give you deep throat. I keep sucking you as you move giving jerks when I tease you with my tongue. I am driving you crazy as you say ‘Baby you are making me crazy with those tongue of yours, suck me hard.. take me as you own me’ I keep sucking you leisurely as the movement of my tongue is tickling all the senses of your manhood…I keep sucking it in more as you moan louder this time.. I know you are about to come in my mouth… you pull me up and kiss me hard this time.. as you spill on the floor. You made sure not to spoil the canvas.

I try getting up as you clean the floor with tissues lying around but you hold my wrist making me fall on more colours spread on the canvas… I look at you saying ‘what?, you say ‘Baby it’s not over yet’ I look at you amazed thinking ‘how much I love this man’…you pull me on the canvas making me sleep on my back spreading more colours on the canvas. You start kissing my cheeks moving down to my neck sucking me and creating few love bites on my neck. You move down sucking my left breast and then the right one creating a love mark on the left side saying this heart belongs to me. I giggle at those words of yours. My whole body is trembling with lust for you as you go down on my body dragging your tongue savouring the taste of my body, you are not even bothered about the colours entering your mouth in the process.. I sway to the movements of your tongue moaning slowly following the rhythm. You reach my stomach sucking each part creating red spots… I don’t know what pleasure you get out of it. I hold your hair to feel the movement of your head… you move down my belly button kissing my precious part…u move your tongue over the lip opening it to pierce it inside. I give out a loud moan feeling every bit of it in my nerves. My mind has blacked out.. it cannot think about anything apart from the rough feeling of your tongue exploring the in-depth sweetness of me. I move my leg as you hold it with both of your hands moving it apart for you to deep dive in me. You start inserting your tongue inside me drilling deep, I wrap my legs around your neck as I am not able to control my emotions, you find me whimpering slowly. You start throbbing your tongue in and out in slow motion… as i am floating in my ecstasy. You start sucking the outer area of my womanhood as you feel my pleasure flowing out… You look at me as I look at you.. your lips glistening with my pleasure wanting to feel me more you again dig deep in me… sucking kissing making me go crazy…you find me shivering as I come… you wipe your face and kiss me on my lips… I lay on the canvas board floating in my ecstasy as I see stars in the blue sky…

I find you getting ready for another action.. frankly speaking even I can’t get enough of you… you lay there with your hard manhood wanting to be ridden by me.. this time I do it in another way… I sit on it as my back faces you.. holding your knee I start grinding on your manhood.. slowly swaying my hips with circular motion.. you can see my big booty moving to the rhythm playing on your manhood..I hear you moaning ‘Baby do it.. fuck me as it is out last day on earth’ I grind you more as I get aroused by your moans.. you hold my hips moving it on your tunes… I motion increases this time as you can feel my course womanhood rubbing on you.. wet with pleasure making the noises..we both are breathing heavily feeling the undying pleasure in each other…you know your are at the peak as you get up and hold my elbows drilling yourself more in to me..thrusting harder and harder as we both shout in unison coming into each other.. sucking out that pleasure from each other painting each other in the colour of love.. you pick me up in your arms and take me for a shower.. we bath in warm water cleaning each other off the colours..kissing in between… I whisper in your left ear ‘Can’t get enough of you baby, stay with me forever’ you hug me tight feeling my breast on your bare chest as you say ‘together forever and always’ kissing my forehead making me blush under the shower. You always make me all mushy with your love. I can see it in your eyes that I am the most important person in your life. The feeling remains mutual. We grab our towels drying each other off. Changing into fresh clothes, you dial the number of dominos calling for pizza, after the amazing workout, we need food to satiate our hunger. I go to the other bedroom to find the canvas full of colours.. the colours of our love. We place it on the wall admiring the painting and laughing notoriously…that is love… all the crazy things we do together. No inhibitions just love baby…


Please don’t complain

Please don’t complain

When things are not going right

Even during the days and night

Keep the fire alive

Swim towards your goal taking the dive

Struggle is just the part of life

Cut it off using the edge of the knife

Please don’t complain

Go ahead, Light the candles

Proudly wear the worn out sandals

Time will come again

When your will rise to reign

Your mind will be at peace

Your heart will make you train

For the best of the choices

Offered on the terrain

Please don’t complain

When it will be difficult to choose

But you will have nothing to lose

Options and choices

Ready to hear your voices

Selecting the best one

Ohh it will be so much fun

Please don’t complain

When things are not going right

Even during the days and night

Stranger in the rain

I went strolling through the mall to buy that perfect dress for the office yearly review meet. I am new in the team and really want to make friends. I find a perfect deep red dress on the mannequin and my legs just freeze at the sight. I try the dress on and it fits me perfectly considering am size 16. Rolling my eyes I drop the dress in the shopping bag looking for some Jewellery to go along with that dress. Nothing fancies my eyes hence I just make the payment for the dress and come back home. I check through my office mails to find my tickets to Goa . I pack my bags according to the itinerary of the event.

The next day I reach airport on time to meet my whole team waiting at the security check after greeting everyone we board the flight. Once we reach the hotel I take my room key and head towards to lobby for elevator. I find a handsome guy standing next to me… i quickly remember him from our team and smile at him. He smiles back. The moment I reach my room I find bathtub and immerse myself into the timeless bubble bath till I get woken up by the ring on the hotel phone reminding me of the morning schedule for meeting.

I dress up in my business suit wearing my all black attire for the meeting. The moment I reach the conference hall. We start off with our meeting for the day. After an exhaustive day we finally have to dress up for the party. I am excited because there will be lot of booze. Dressing up in the hot red dress with suede heels… I walk in the aisle of my hotel room winking at my image in the mirror. I pick up my clutch and walk through the directions of our party spot. I look at the sky because it looks cloudy for a October evening..I just pray it should not rain as the party is arranged in the open lawn. The air is chilly… the moment I reach my venue I find my team standing in the corner. I join them as the DJ starts playing his usual mix of songs. The bar has been opened for drinks. I find the same handsome guy from my team looking at me but the moment he sees me looking back at him he looks the other way. I just smile and take my drink offered to me by one of my colleague. We dance to the tunes of DJ till I find that same handsome guy dancing next to me. I finally introduce myself and we laugh dance and have loads of drink. After almost getting high I wander off to the quite area near the garden of the lawn. I find no one there. I sit by the bench looking at the sea.

I hear the clouds thundering and the air has become more chilly. I find someone walking by the beach.. when look deeper I find Rohit walking by the beach. He is coming right towards me. I wave at him.. he waves back. He comes and sits beside me pulling out one cigarette offering me one. I was aching for a smoke… it’s been almost 2 months I have not touched it… post my breakup with Nishant I had gone on smoker mode and my friends pulled me out of that hell. I say ‘ I would like to take a drag from yours’ he smiles and offers his cigarette. We smoke there in silence till I initiate small talks… I am all high and horny for sure and finding Rohit handsome I really want to break my dry spell of 8 months. I push my thoughts behind and just look into the sea. I find him looking at me intently. I can feel his eyes piercing through me ripping through my body igniting my naughty senses. I look at him with half closed eyes as I am high and horny.. I come near his ear and whisper ‘do you want to get laid’ without a flinch he says ‘yes if you want to’ the moment we smile it starts raining… heavily all drenched he holds my hand and we start running towards the hotel.

The moment we reach the shade of the hotel lobby I am all wet and he is too. We find the party is still on and people dancing. He starts walking towards his room swiping his card on the entrance door. I follow him and then we entered his room. He closes the door behind him as I stand behind the door. He drops the key card and I look at him. Both of us are all wet and hot at the same time. He comes near me looking at my lips. I ask him again ‘you sure you want to do this’ he says yes and he kisses my red lips briefly and then looks into my eyes… he starts kissing me again with more passion… he pulls me into a hug and opens the zip of my dress opening it up from behind… he runs his hands down my back feeling my wet cold skin… he moves his hand on my lace bra strap and within seconds he flips it open… I take a sharp breath… he digs his face on my collarbone and inhales sharply.. and starts kissing my neck…. I move my hand by his waist pulling him more closer towards my body. We move towards the bed… and he whispers ‘ can I remove your dress… without a second thought I just say ‘Do it’… he removes the dress from my shoulder and it falls effortlessly revealing my red lingerie.. he leans back and glances over my body… his eyes stop near my breasts and he says ‘they are huge’ I just blush not able to say anything… looking at them makes him more horny as he starts kissing me hungrily…am just wearing my lingerie and suede heels… he pushes me back till I reach the glass window… the curtains are open facing the beach and the glass is cold… my back rested on that glass as I stand there in my lingerie… I think wow that’s wild till he moves down moving his lips over my red lace bra… he grazes his teeth on my hard nipples which has perked up inside the bra.. he bites it from the top as I give out a small moan… he moves down dragging his tongue from my midriff to my belly button.. he digs his tongue inside, I slowly part my legs as he reach below my belly button reaching my lace panty. He looks up to see me as I look down our eyes meet and I know what he will be doing next… with a spark in his eyes he pulls my panty down and dig his tongue inside as I close my eyes and steady myself by holding the curtains… he starts licking me digging deeper and deeper…I can feel my liquid oozing out as it is driving me crazy. He keeps stroking my clit as I whimper in pleasure he sucks my clit more making me reach my orgasm.. I stand there shivering as his face is still inside my thigh enjoying the sweetness of my cum.

He swiftly removes his white shirt and opens his slack button… while getting up he he picks my right leg up and holds it by his waist. He stands in front of me as he smooch’s me hard on lips digging his tongue inside my mouth… I can also taste the sweetness of my cum as I feel his thickness making its way between my legs. I arch my hip a bit giving him access as my back is placed on the cold glass… all we can hear is the mild noise of cold shower outside with mesmerising sound of waves… the moment he enters the hot part of my body.. it engulfs his thickness inside wet and warm waiting for him. His first thrust and I am charged again for the round two of my orgasm…I hold on to the curtains to keep myself steady as half of my weight is on my heels… he starts thrusting in a rhythm as I follow him… moving my hips to his tunes… we go on and on as I get my orgasm.. he smooch me hard on the lips biting it in the process.. he holds my cheeks and digs his tongue inside pushing himself more inside me….I moan inside his mouth as I come again but he has not stopped … he thrust more faster n faster and when I am about to cum again…he moves slower this time…I bring my lips closer to his ear as my warm breath grazes his cheeks and I say ‘do it’ and he thrust harder and we both come… he picks me up.. my one leg by his waist and puts me on the bed. I fall on the bed panting and all sweaty even in this chilled room… as he removes himself from inside me and immediately pulls out the soiled condom putting it in the trash can. I just lay on the bed catching my breath as he removes my bra and starts fondling my breast… I hold his hand saying ‘take a break for sometime’ he just smiles saying ‘I can’t stop it now’ he starts sucking onto my breast nibbling my nipples and biting it lightly.. he sucks the tender part of my breast creating red bite marks…. standing up he holds my hand and pulls me up bending me towards the table as I stand there arching my waist as my back faces him and I bend on the table as he inserts me again, he thrust me again this time holding my waist as I also push myself more towards him as he does that. This time again he drills me like there is no tomorrow… his fingers digging deeper into my skin near the waist. He is more hard this time while thrusting making me cum again … this time I am more wet and sleek as he glides in and out smoothly. I give out a cry the moment I reach the peak of my pleasure as he steady me with his final thrust this time cumin once again.

He falls on to me as I fall on the table breathing heavily. He sit on the chair naked as I sit on his lap.. this time it’s my turn to turn him on again… it’s like our start up game now..I slowly kiss him on lips as I sit naked on his lap.. his hand resting on my waist.. his fingers lightly grazing my lower back… I move down on his neck as I suck his skin n create love bites… it tickles him as he chuckle and I move down near his nipple n lick it making it hard… he gives out a moan and looks with lowered eyes towards me… I tickle his nipple with the tip of my tongue looking straight into his eyes..I move down more slowly grazing my teeth on his abs as he leans on the chair pushing his head back closing eyes n enjoying the moment I come down from his lap kneel in front of him as I see his manhood rising to glory… I slowly drag my tongue through his manhood making him more hard for me… I come at the tip n lick it… driving him crazy as he opens up his legs … I suck his balls… he flinch a bit startled my attempt…I put his manhood Inside my mouth sucking it up and down creating rumbling noise behind his throat as he moans a bit more. I go on and on as he finally gives up and holding my head he pushes it more towards his manhood. I give him deep throat which arouses him more… he holds my waist and pulls me up. I put my legs on both sides of the armrest… and he places me swiftly onto his manhood… I hold the back of the chair as my breast are on his face bouncing in front of him as he hold my hips from both the side. I start taking the cowgirl position holding the arm rest I start moving up and down onto his hard arousal creating a movement which burns his desire more… he kisses me hungrily like there is no tomorrow as he holds my waist firmly when I do that … I start moving my hips like a serpent motioning it to and fro in the process where the inside of my womanhood teases n tickles his thickness…I hold on to his knee using my left hand from behind and move more…. I find him holding on to me into a hug enclosing his hands across my body as he tries holding me still to stop me and enjoy my warmth inside… I start shivering as I am about to cum and he feels a flush of fluid into his manhood… he holds me up in his arms and picks me up from the chair and put me on the bed he comes on top of me as he drills me… in the pleasure I open my legs and hold it in the air… he holds both the legs and folds it in yoga position wrapping it and holding it as he drills inside me more and more this time as well. I am feeling pleasure and pain all at once… I can feel the roughness now.. the more the drill the more I am sore but we don’t stop… we go on and on till finally both of us are shivering with pleasure as he crashes on me once done. We lay there still for some time hearing the soft thud of rain on the glass windows. The drizzling noise and calmness of waves by the sea. We both take warm shower to wash off the sweat and tiredness. Both of us are sore by the whole charismatic experience. I still feel hazy due to the liquor and the amazing night. He pulls out a T-shirt from his bag and passes it through my head making me wear it. Both of us fall on the bed exhausted and spoon off to sleep.

The next morning I am woken up by call from hotel staff updating me on the checkout time. I wake up to find my heels and dress on the floor. I check my watch to find it’s already 8. I look at the handsome man fast asleep half naked on the bed. I slowly get up pulling panty from below the chair and wear it… quietly pick up my things and sneak out of the room taking my key card along to get access to my room. I come inside my room happy that no one saw me sneaking out of Rohit’s room. I take leisure time showering and dressing up in a black sweater and blue denims. Pack up my stuff about to leave the room when I get a ping on my phone. I check to find a message from Rohit, it says ‘Last night was amazing’ even the thought of it turns my cheek warm. I just send a smiley. Near the reception I find him standing.. wearing white T-shirt and blue denims looking handsome as usual. For a rainy night the morning is sunny and bright. He is wearing aviators looking straight ahead as he finds me walking in the aisle towards the reception counter. I am wearing black sunglasses and look at him with a poker face the moment I reach near the counter he greets me good morning as wish him the same.

The journey from hotel to airport is peaceful as we both avoid speaking to each other much…avoiding to give fodder to colleagues. Good thing to know that all of them thought we got sloshed and went back to our own rooms in the evening. I just blush at the thought of last night sitting at the airport sipping my coffee, we try sneak a look at each other every time we look at each other we can see the image of red panties on the floor…. my heels in the air…. his disheveled hair after sex.


Please don’t cut the mountains…

Please don’t cut the mountains

It’s home for innocent few

They stay happily with their families

Running through the forest

Flying through the morning sky that is new

Absence of their homes will give them no clue

Please don’t cut the mountains

It’s home for innocent few…

Sun rises from the east of the mountain

Sets in the west

Cutting it down will make these innocent test

Gushing of winds and swooshing of trees

Once the mountains are gone

How will the innocent spree

Far above in the sky blue

Please don’t cut the mountains

It’s home for innocent few…

These mountains brings us rain

Cutting their existence will make the innocent bane

These lush green trees will go through the pain

Losing their homes to the biggest lanes

Leading to offices where people disdain

Chop chop chop goes the axes

Cutting off the trees, blasting the mountains

Innocent runs away taking that as a cue

Please don’t cut the mountains

It’s home for innocent few…


Teach me to…

Teach me to fly

So I don’t need to rely

It is so high

Crossing the mountains up above the sky

Reaching the blues touching the clouds

Pristine and white just like deep blue eyes

Teach me to fly up above the sky

Teach me to love

In this cruel world

As I sit by the tree

Watching my life unfurl

Dancing to the tunes as I swirl

Waiting for the moment to uncurl

Teach me to love in this cruel world

Teach me to trust

As I walk through the dust

Closing my eyes as the wind gust

Seduced by the purity of lust

Bothered by the feeling of disgust

Teach me to trust

As I walk through the dust

Teach me peace

Like the tranquil breeze

Running through the roads made of fleece

To find the moments that cease to exist

Teach me peace

Like the tranquil breeze

Teach me to fly

So I don’t need to rely


Hatt jaa pare…

Udne do in baadalon mein

Chune do un ucche aasmano ko

Aye baadal tu kyu rokh raha hai mujhe

Hatt jaa pare

Meri ungliyon ko mat ched

Chu lene do unhe in narm fizaon ko

Jinke ooso ki boonde unhe bheega degi

Aye baadal tu kyu rokh raha hai unhe

Chune do un uchi aasmano ko

Hatt jaa pare

Udne ki talab hai…taraki ka Khwab hai

Dekha hai ek Sapna

jismein azaadi ka Ehsaas hai

Bas kuch dur aur..mann mein vishvaas hai

Udne do in baadalon mein

Chune do un uchi aasmano ko

Aye baadal tu kyu rokh raha hai mujhe

Hatt jaa pare

Yeh udne ka safar bada Suhana hai

Kuch rukavate hai…. toh kuch swadhin hai

Chahiye toh bas tumhara saath

Aye baadal tu kyu rokh raha hai mujhe

Hatt jaa pare

Udne do in baadalon mein

Chune do un uchi aasmano ko

Hatt jaa pare…


Please don’t stop the Music

It’s Friday… I come back home early to find a note from your end ‘Club night’. While taking shower I hear the door unlock. You are on call with your client when I come out from bathroom wearing my bathrobe. I lightly kiss your lips and open our wardrobe, screening through some dresses, I finally come across black wrap around knee length dress. I take it out showing it to you for approval. You give a thumbs up while on call. It’s a low cut dress which accentuate my breast making it look sexy. You finish your call, grab your towel to take a quick shower. I thereby arrange few black shirts for you to choose along with your dark blue jeans. I beach curl my hair creating soft waves and arranging it neatly with hair spray. I wear a black lingerie inside if the night is going to get hot… I need something to drive your crazy. By that time you come out with towel wrapped around your waist. I love it when I see u half naked that sexy dark chocolate body drives me crazy at any point of day or night. I come near you sucking your chest giving you a love bite. Your masculine body wash arouses me. You mouth ‘ouch’ not before pinching my boobs. I remove my robe to dress up when you come from behind and start kissing my back… I push u away asking you to get ready as I don’t want to be late… I strap my black sandals which accentuate my ass. You turn around buttoning up your jeans and look at me… I am applying my mascara, I keep the makeup simple by just applying blush on the apple of my cheeks and pink lip stain. I dab some of my favourite Perfume.. which lingers on my neck and pulse. You come closer and suck on to my neck creating a faint red mark. I look at you in disbelief.. you say ‘baby I am just marking my territory’. I roll my eyes at you. You grab key of our car as we lock the door. We drive through crazy traffic finally reaching our destination. You show the passes which get us through the club entrance. We enter the VIP area to meet your friends. I don’t know most of them but pleasantries are exchanged. I order for strawberry Cosmo my regular and you order for your brew. We sit next to each other looking at the crowd dancing their way to the tunes of DJ. We both enter the dance floor grooving to the music and having fun when suddenly I can see a girl coming in between us and dancing. You are taken aback by her entrance… you look at me in confusion.. I can totally feel you imagining whether I offered her to come for a dance… I just look at you in disagreement..I am surprised at the way how our telepathy works where without saying a word we understand what we are trying to say. She grooves to the music holding my hands asking me to join her in the dance. You just smile standing there embarrassed.. I see you walking away from the dance floor. You pick up your glass waving it to me saying that you will finish up your drink. I know you will be watching me from the distance as the girl tries bringing her body next to mine swaying with me slowly and sensually. As she has triggered me she has to bear the consequence. I start dancing with her as she grooves next to me. Moving as per the rhythm sensualising the steps more to our needs. She raises her arms and wrap it around my neck.. I think ‘ok so you want to go ahead’, I grab her waist and pull her closer to me. I can feel your eyes on both of us watching my every move… you know she has triggered me and she will pay the price for the same. She moves her hand from my neck to my back… I move my hand from her waist to her ass pinching her. She comes closer to me and says ‘hey girl would you like to do something more than this, I just say ‘Try me babe’ she look at me and then she points at you asking you to join the dance floor. You just avoid making eye contact with her but then you see that gleam in my eyes. You walk past others as you come and join us for the dance. I see her moving her hand from my back and placing one hand on your neck leaning on your chest as she dance.. her back is faced towards you, her one hand placed on your neck and another on my butt. We dance till wee hours. I know you usually avoid drinking much when we are out as you are the responsible one who usually drives us back home. She is sitting next to me looking at me intently. I say ‘ what is your plan babe, do you plan on joining us for the night? She looks at you first and then at me saying ‘tell me what is stored in for me’ I say ‘what ever you want it to be’ she just gives a wicked smile introducing her as Tia. Your give the token to chauffeur as he gets our car, she sits in the back and I take the front seat. We reach home, I get some water for her, but she says let’s do tequila shots. She has seen the bar counter in our home. She is wearing a halter neck black sequinned top and black shorts. You enter the bar counter and bring out shot glasses for three. We take few shots.. I can feel things floating… You know I am high. You know how horny I become when I am high. She grabs me by my arm and kisses me hard on the lips.. you know the matter has become hot now. You lower the temperature of the room… she asks you to remove your shirt… you look at me… I look at you..and just action you to listen to her. She pulls me closer and start kissing me again this time more sensually. I move my hand on her stomach inside her top and touch her breasts she is not wearing anything inside… I kiss her neck she removes her top revealing her perky breasts… I just look at it.. you see me staring at her breasts but you do nothing, you just sit on the bar stool observing us… she makes me move to the sofa.. we throw the pillows down as I help her unzip her boots …. I bite her legs while doing so.. she moans slowly… she unties my wrap around dress which is now hanging on my body like a shrug. I slowly start licking her breasts sucking her nipples making her more hard. I still find u perched on the chair hair naked.. you are just wearing your jeans waiting for us to start the show. I take her inside our bedroom she is just wearing her black shorts which she removes slowly looking at me.. inside she is wearing a black lace thong, I can feel the heat rising as I drop my dress revealing my black lace lingerie. She looks at me as she takes my hand pulls me on the bed. I see you entering the bedroom from the corner of my eye… you take seat on one of the armchair places near the window observing us. She moves back to rest her back on the headrest. Opening her legs wide for me to pleasure her. I take cat crawl going near her perching my ass up… I start licking her thighs till I reach the inner corner of her pussy. My tongue starts rubbing on the top of her lace panty… she moans looking at you… your eyes are all laced up with lust.. you still do nothing but sit there. I come up and start caressing her breast, lightly biting her nipples I enjoy every moment of it. I give her kisses on the neck… then her lips sucking it… she wraps her legs around my waist as I smooch her… she moves her pelvic in rhythm still looking at you… I look at u asking u through my eyes to join us… you get up from the chair walking slowly towards the bed… I go down near her thigh n remove her thong.. then slowly I start kissing her there… u remove your jeans n drop it on the floor.. u sleep next to her n start kissing her.. I start piercing my tongue into her.. rolling it on her clit in between… she starts moaning louder this time… you kiss her to stop her from moaning… moving ur hands over her breasts and pinching her nipples… she wraps her legs around my neck allowing my tongue full access to give her pleasure…. I insert my tongue n then pull it out creating a pleasure moment for her… she moans louder this time shivering her way to come… I dip my finger in her and then let her lick it… she gets up.. we both start removing your boxers to find you aroused for us… I come near your lips to kiss u… a passionate kiss.. slowly I lick you done your neck… then ur nips… it’s hard for a man… I bite it as you moan louder she is caressing your manhood… then we both start licking your manhood.. me from one side and she from the other in between we bring our tongue together and kiss.. sucking and caressing u… we are driving u crazy…. up and down round n round…We keep doing it till your are about to come…. we remove our tongue away from your manhood teasing you more..not letting you come…I come on top of you riding you… swaying my hips… you know am high for you now… she kisses you on the lips sucking your lower lip but I find your eyes on me… you want to see me.. see me move… you know that no one can make you happy but me…. she stick by my side teasing me as I ride you harder and faster… I make movement up and down grinding on your manhood as you are moaning louder I try controlling my orgasm, I grind more in circular motion putting my whole body on your body… chest to chest as your feel my hard nipples rubbing on your chest making you groan more…you are all pumped up by now… you turn me on my back.. I wrap my legs on your neck as you start banging me… am all wet by cumin few minutes back…your hip thrust harder and harder into me…. she starts to caress your back when you do so..thrusting and thumping we finally both reach our orgasm…. you fall on me kissing me hard on the lips… we three of us are all sweaty… exhausted…you move aside as she wants to ride you… you start kissing me so that you can get aroused again for her…you pull out a condom from the drawer and wear it.. she takes doggy position on top of me so that her breast hang on my mouth when you take her… I start licking her sucking her breast when you start thrusting her hard and fast as a he moans louder..she bend down to smooch me hard on the lips.. you hold her hair pulling her up.. not allowing her to kiss me any more .. few more thrust as she moans louder… you finally come… You get up from the bed to clean yourself up…. she is exhausted but have to leave.. when you come out you find her already dressed up to leave… she books a cab… waving us good bye she leaves…we both look at each other… knowing we are crazy but that is what keeps us together… we are crazy for each other…we shower together lathering each other other… and later sleep naked spooning inside the blanket… well that’s what we do… we have fun together… no regrets .. no guilt..that’s Us


Warming of house or me??

I know you are really mad at me as I didn’t respond to your messages since morning. I just wanted to give you the taste of your own medicine. Anyways, you send me a message asking me to be ready by 7 pm, we have to attend your best friend’s house warming party. I reach home at 6 pm to find you engrossed in your laptop. I drop my bag on the table trying to get your attention but you ignore. I know things have gone out of hand as you don’t even look at me when I do that. I go inside, now tensed as I hate your sour mood, I decide to brighten it up by wearing a dress that you gifted me last valentine. A crimson knee length sleeveless dress. I pair it up with nude heels and small diamond earrings which you got me last summer from one of your business trips. Post shower, when I come in the bedroom I find your clothes gone, it means you are already ready waiting for me to come outside. I dress up strapping my heels, I dab your favourite perfume behind my ears, wrist, behind my knee and ankles. I wear crimson red lipstick to go with the dress. I want to sex up the night for you because I miss you, I want you. Holding my nude clutch I come outside, You give a swift side glance going outside. I lock the doors dropping the keys in my clutch. As I come downstairs I find you perched waiting for me in the passenger seat of the car. I look at you but you look straight ahead waiting for me to take the driver seat. I know what this is, I know I am up for a punishment. But do I really need it when I am going to a party. I get seated on the driver seat wearing my seatbelt, it presses softly on my boobs partitioning it. You give a sideway glance then look away. I ignite the engine bringing our car to life. My driving test was much easier then this ride will be I think in my mind. As soon as we reach highway you push your seat behind adjusting your leg to make yourself comfortable. My heart is beating fast as I know what it means. You switch on google map which starts guiding us on the destination. I can see traffic on the road, when I try concentrating voice guiding me through, I feel your hand on my thigh. You have just placed it above my dress. I am startled but was expecting it at the same time. I look down once to see your sturdy chocolate brown hand on my knee. My heart is beating faster. But then after few minutes you remove it to switch on music. You connect your phone to car Bluetooth playing the song haunted by Beyoncé from the movie 50 shades of grey. As i take right turn as per the direction I again feel your fingers crawling on my knee. I suck in air from my mouth closing it, my heart starts beating faster again. You cold finger first brushes up and down my knee then you start moving your fingers below my dress which makes me flinch. I can see you smiling from the corner of my eye but I say nothing. I am enjoying the thrill it is giving me while you do that. You slowly move your finger inside reaching my red lace panty. You start rubbing your fingers on the lace pattern creating a friction. I can feel fluid oozing out of my womanhood creating a warm moist feeling in my precious part. I lean my head on the headrest of the car closing my eyes to which you come near my ear and say ‘Baby concentrate on the road please’ your warm breath raises the hair on the back of my neck creating goosebumps all through my body. You start teasing my lace panty up and down creating a rumble down my throat. I give out a moan to which you say again ‘baby you need to look on the road when you drive’ I spread my legs more giving you the access to do more than what you are doing. You swiftly move your finger inside my panty trying to open the lip, you can already sense I am all wet down there. The moment you push your finger inside after pressing it inside the lips your feel the warmth of my womanhood. You whisper ‘Fuckkk’ near my ear, it drives me crazy… I again go back taking a resting position, my legs are wobbly because of you. You start rubbing my clit in circular motion making me sway to your finger movements.. my eyes are all laced up with lust for you. I indicate left trying to park the car but you hold the steering from your left hand taking me back on the road. I look at you in disbelief, you say ‘baby if you stop, I stop. I know you won’t like that’ giving me a smirk which enhances the dimples on your left cheek. I just groan thinking ‘I hate how much I love this man’ I start driving again to which your finger starts moving again. It’s driving me crazy as I ooze out more. We halt midway due to the traffic on the road. You stop moving your finger and keep it inside touching my clit. You look ahead as I find a guy on the other car looking at me. I try looking in the rear view mirror to find my cheeks flushed. I look at the guy giving him stern glance, you come near my ears whispering ‘baby he knows the reason why you look flushed’ I just close my eyes thinking about your finger and how much more you are going to punish me. As the signal turns green, I accelerate and you start again.. teasing me rolling your fingers on my clit. I find you digging deep inside to which I again give out a moan. This time my eyes are all lowered, I am waiting for you to do more but as you find me slowing down your fingers stop, you say ‘baby accelerate’ I follow your command, you start again this time it’s rough as you start throbbing your finger in and out of me. You then insert your two fingers making me give out a loud moan. I hold the steering wheel tightly in my fist parting my legs more for you. I close my eyes to which again you say ‘Baby look ahead you are not concentrating on the road’ i am going crazy as I am about to cum but then you abruptly withdraw you fingers. I look up all flushed but have not yet got the orgasm you were trying to give me. You take tissue from the box and start wiping your fingers. You pump some sanitizer in you hand saying ‘Baby we have reached’ I close my eyes putting my head on the steering wheel whispering ‘Darling don’t do this, you are driving me crazy. Please give it to me’ you just get off the car. I sit there for sometime then getting off. You are holding a bottle of wine near the door waiting for me to join you. I look at the rear view mirror once to check my make up and get off locking the car behind me. We join the party, most of your friends come towards us as you hold me by the waist pulling me closer to you. I know what that is ‘you like showing me off to your friends’ it’s not that I am looking beautiful, it’s just that you want them to know that you own me. That I belong to you. While talking to your friends you move your hand below my waist holding my bum cheeks. I just roll my eyes as I know what you are doing again. Handing over red wine to me your friend offer you to join him. You go not before whispering ‘it’s not yet over baby’ a chill run down my spine when you say that. I just roam around meeting people while looking out for you in between to find you engrossed in some animated talks with your friend, I move to the balcony which is empty. I stand there by the railing sipping my red wine. The house is on the 45th floor having an amazing view of the city. The weather is cool out there. I again lean back looking inside the room to find you talking to your friend but I can feel you eyeing from there too. I turn around to look at the serene view when suddenly a hand comes and rests on my ass. I stand straight as I know who it is. I find you caressing my ass, I am alert now as all the guests are in the living room some might have seen us as well. Your hands feel so good. Emotions are mixed with fear of people watching us as well as enjoying moment but I know you will not stop at that. I find you coming behind me as you too face the serene view. You cover me up as now no one can see me due to your huge broad figure. I can feel your manhood pressing against my butt. I find your hand moving over my hand holding the railing. You whisper ‘Baby how difficult is it for you to message me back when most of the time your mobile is with you’ I am speechless as your manhood is overpowering me at the same time you are expecting a reply. I close my eyes to compose myself but I am not able to do so. You presses more towards my ass, I blurt out ‘I can ask the same thing’ to which you say ‘Baby I told you I was busy, you were on my mind but I was just not able to message you’ you are so overpowering that I am not even able to answer back which I would have usually done if the situation was different. You grab my hand and pull me towards the wall behind the balcony door. facing me you swiftly move your hand above my knee dragging your fingers up reaching my lace panty. You move it aside roughly fingering me hard and fast. My ass arch moving my breast to press against your hard chest as you start fingering me hard and fast. I hold on to your arms giving you more access as I spread my legs closing my eyes I go into trance state enjoying the moment. I whimper as I am about to cum.. you hold my neck with one of your hand and tell me look into my eyes… I open my eyes and look into you, you say ‘tell me baby you will never do that again. You don’t know how much you troubled me today by not replying to my messages’ I don’t say anything, I try looking deep into your eyes. I know that I have hurt you. I feel ashamed but at the same time I am in a state of trance savouring your fingers in me… I give out a moan to which you abruptly remove your fingers. I start dripping but not satiated still. A tear flow down my eye as I stand there helpless and without getting my orgasm second time in the evening. I am shivering with pending orgasm as I hold the door to stable myself. I find you have gone back to your friends. I stand there looking at you but no words come out of my mouth. I am all hot down there and little sweaty. I make my way to the washroom locking the doors behind me fearing you might come to me again to give me impending pleasure. I splash some water in my clit trying to cool it off as the heat has been left burning. I compose myself when I come out. Your eyes are searching for me but I avoid looking at you as your mere look will ignite my impending pleasure you left me with. As we finish off with our dinner for the night, post exchanging pleasantries, I find your friend’s wife eyeing me as if she is envious of me. I just feel proud standing next to you as I hold your arms pressing myself more towards you. You move your hand to my waist enclosing me in your hug. She just lowers her eyes looking at the carpet when we say goodbye. When we are out, I try getting out of your grip but you hold me tight inside your arms not letting me go. I don’t want to be the victim of another impending orgasm hence I handover the car keys to you asking you to drive. You say ‘First I want to drive you baby then I will drive the car.’ I just look at you flabbergasted, I don’t want to know how as I open the passenger seat door sitting inside. You sit on the driver seat pushing the chair behind making space. I just swiftly turn looking at you with one eyebrow raised. You open fly of your pant looking at me and motioning me to come on top. I ignore you, to which you say ‘Baby I want you on top of me’ I tell you ‘it’s not happening in the parking lot’ you tell me ‘the car will not start till the time you have turned me off’ I roll my eyes on that dialogue as I push through the gearbox. I find your manhood peeping from your pants hard and thick waiting for me to ride on. You search for my panty inside to find I have already removed it. I dangle it in front of you as you smile. Your dimples drive me crazy as I ride on you taking you in. You feel me engulfing you inside a hot tunnel of lava, you hold my waist as I start my rhythmic motion moving up and down. You lean on the headrest closing your eyes as you savour me. You moan a bit louder as we both are in a state of trance enjoying the euphoric feeling of love and lust filling the car. We both start moaning louder this time as we know we are about to cum. As I am leaning on steering to support my motions. You hold my neck asking me to open my eyes.. you want me to look into to your eyes as we come. I whimper in pleasure as you kiss me hungrily on the lips savouring every bit of my fragrance as we both come crashing into each other. I hug you tight taking all of you in me. We stay like that for few minutes breathing heavily savouring each other. You pull some tissues from the box as I go back to my seat. You cleanup and then help me clean up. You push my seat behind giving me more leg space asking me to relax. I just look at you and think ‘you don’t know how much I love you my man’. You look at me asking ‘what are you thinking baby? I say ‘nothing darling. I just want to say that I love you more and more everyday. You drive my crazy baby. Be with me forever’ you mouth ‘together forever baby, I love you too’. As we drive out of the parking lot, i just lean back on the seat closing my eyes enjoying the song ‘Perfect’ by Ed sheeran and Beyoncé playing on the stereo

“I found a man stronger than anyone I know

He shares my dreams, I hope that someday we’ll share a home

I found a love to carry more than just my secrets

To carry love, to carry children of our own

We are still kids, but we’re so in love

Fightin’ against all odds
I know we’ll be alright this time

Darling, just hold my hand

Be your girl, you’ll be my man

And I see my future in your eyes

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, while listenin’ to our favorite song

I have faith in what I see

Now I know I have met an angel in person

he looks perfect

No, I don’t deserve this

You look perfect tonight”


I am trying…

I am trying…

I am trying to break the wall

I am trying to trust again

But will my heart allow

As it got attached to the wall

The wall was built when I had lost it all

Will I be able to trust again

Trust got broken once

I don’t want to loose it again

My mind is not ready

Neither my heart wants to loose it again

I am trying to break the wall

But will my heart allow

Love is a beautiful thing people say

But who are these people

Have they ever been through the broken trust

And if yes, have they ever loved again

Because love is built on trust

And when the trust breaks

Will the heart allow us to love again

I am trying to break the wall

I am trying to trust again

But will my heart allow

To fall in love again…

Office shenanigans!!!

I finish off my work early as I had less client appointments today. I check my watch to see the time.. it’s only half past three.. Looking at the scheduler I find am done for the day..I decide to surprise you at your office.. off lately u have been working too hard so u need that visit from my end. I ignite my car as it roars to life..I take the route to ur office.. I pickup some daisies from a florist on the way… I am wearing long white linen kurti with low rise blue denims.. I am wearing long silver necklace which u got for me from Jaipur during one of ur business trips. I park near your car as the watchman salute me with a toothless smile. I ask him ‘Saab hai office mein’ to which he replies ‘Ji ma’am’ I pass him 100 bucks asking him not to send anyone upstairs.. he grins looking at the flowers. As soon as I reach ur office door, I knock ‘Sir, may I come inside? U look at me in bewilderment smiling… that smile is what kills me always. I can fight any battle for that smile. I come inside locking the door .. u raise one eyebrow looking at me…I drop the daises in the vase which we had got from Paris.. base is placed on the coffee table next to sofa..u are still looking at me sitting on your chair… I come and stand next to are looking at me with that naughty smile… I bend down giving u kiss on ur lips but as u get intense I move backwards.. u say ‘so u r in mood to tease me today’ I say ‘yes my busy man’ you have to pay for being busy… u hold my waist n pull my closer making me sit on the table in front of u..moving your hand inside my kurti I find u searching for button of my jeans.. I hold ur hand to which u look at me and whisper..’baby please’ I let u open the button.. u remove my denim.. moving ur hand up and down my legs.. freshly waxed … I laugh u start licking my leg… u can smell my rose perfumed body butter… licking biting u come near my thighs… u look at me to find my head already leaning back in pleasure…I am wearing a white lace panty….you sniff it.. moaning at the back of ur throat..I know that moan… You remove my panty.. u start licking my clit…I start breathing heavily now.. clenching my fingers around your neck I spread my legs wide giving u more access to my womanhood…you suck it lick it satisfying your hunger..u feel me shivering.. and I come in your tongue…u stand up.. looking into my eyes.. u hold my neck with one hand and open your jeans with other.. u insert ur manhood in me.. I give out a small u start throbbing me… holding my neck as I hold ur wrist for support when u do that.. continuously kissing n smooching me.. the movement grows more intense and rapid.. we both give out a loud moan as we come together.. this is what I like about us..we always are in sync with each other.. whether it is love, sex or taking decisions..once your are done.. u withdraw and we both cleanup…we are all dressed up .. u look at ur desk and say ‘now this needs to be slashed off our love making checklist’ we both laugh together….u lock ur office door as we leave for home.. we come down to find the watchman waiting near ur car. I don’t feel like driving my car so we park it in ur office and travel back home in ur car. As we sit inside your car you say ‘thank you for making my afternoon special baby.. I love you’ I say ‘I love you infinite baby… us..together forever’